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Jaap-Jan took over the company of his father Piet Kuyvenhoven in 1987.

Father Kuyvenhoven breeded fresias, carnations and amaryllis for many years.

Jaap-Jan switched to the cultivation of annual round chrysanthemums after the acquisition.

For over 25 years he has chrysanthemums and plush chrysanthemums grown.

However, the challenge was to switch to another crop.

A major investment was made to start the new cultivation.

Since December 2010, Amaryllissen has been in the greenhouse, the choice fell for a range that gives a high quality.

Everything in the company is also aimed at achieving the best possible quality.

Want to know more about our Amaryllis species? Take a look at our Assortment.

Piet en Annie Kuyvenhoven
Jaap-Jan and Marja Kuyvenhoven